University of Virginia Women's Club

Annual Fall Meeting

Thursday, Sept 8
2:00 pm




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Welcome to the UVa Women's Club and to the the many varied activities and interest groups you'll find coming up throughout the year. Although the club originally invited only wives of UVa Faculty to join its membership, we currently are very excited to include all women who have been employed in any capacity by the university, as well as anyone who is the spouse or partner of aUVa employee. It is exciting to welcome women with new ideas and energy, growing and changing as the membership wishes.
Providing a stimulating and invigorating agenda for a wide range of ages and interests has been a challenge that we are proud to have met, thanks to a strong and dedicated membership. It is my pleasure to welcome new members, as well as us "older" members, to another year of fun and adventure, while keeping philanthropic efforts in mind.

I am honored (and just a bit intimidated) to be signing here as your new president. Thanks to you all for making the UVa Women's club even stronger today and for making it truly YOUR club.

Marjie Giuliano, President

Events for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Annual Fall Meeting and Interest Group Signup

Thursday, September 8, 2016
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
851 Owensville Road, Ivy

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Refreshments will be served and representatives of club interest groups will be available to answer your questions and tel you about their upcoming activities

Speakers: Professor Charlie Grisham, Professor of Biochemistry.

Prof. Grishem will talk about Bizarre Biochemisty and how science answers the questions we are all asking--like Why are blondes in Renaissance Paintings? How is a polar bear like your car? Was Anna Manahan really Anastasia?


Recruitment Fair, Newcomb Hall, Date TBA

We need a couple volunteers to "man" our table. This is a great opportunity to introduce our group to UVa employees and their families.

Fall Trip, Date TBA

Bus trip to visit Maymont Mansion, a special lunch destination, and a chartered canal trip.

New Member Tea

Thursday October 25, 2016, 10:00 pm

at the home of Ramona Shugart

More information will come about the following:




Click for a list the current officers, Executive Board members, and committee chairs.

The Constitution and By-laws of the UVa Women's Club can be donwloaded by clicking the link.


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