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The Universitiy of Virginia Women's Club was founded in 1949 as the Faculty Wives Club. The Club offers University Women the opportunity to meet women and families from all schools and departments of the University in annual meetings, interest groups, special events, and trips.

Our members are women with various connections with UVa, as members of the faculty, Administration, Athletics, and Medical Center, and as spouses or partners of UVa employees. For more information on joining, click on Membership.

The UVa Women's Club offers many and diverse interest groups and is also associated with service groups that address the needs of the University and its surrounding communities.

We also support University groups and functions that provide important services to the UVa Community. For example, we provided start up money and ongoing support to what was Ramona's Room, in the Cancer Center. Ramona's Room provided wigs, hats, and other head coverings free of charge to patients with hair loss due to chemotherapy. Ramona's Room is now part of Flourish, a boutique that provides all manner of products and services to patients undergoing treatments that alter their physical appearance. In 2013, the Philanthropy group chose to begin a collaboration with the Women's Center at Uva. Find out more about this important support by clicking here.

We are eager to welcome new members, so if you are interested in joining, check out our Membership page. And you can contact me personally by phone or email.

Gail McCartney, President 2014-2015

Click for a list the current officers, Executive Board members, and committee chairs.


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Last updated: May 12, 2014